Anonymous asked:
soo i like this guy and we've known each other for like three years now and we recently started hanging out more and i really like him but i don't know if he likes me because he always hangs out with a lot of girls...what should i do?

Be straight up with him and tell him what you want, you know or ask him if he likes you. It’s really the best thing to do, I don’t know why most of us let things drag on. Because if you don’t ask him, and you don’t know where you are going with him, you’re just going to be wasting your time. And if anything YOU will be the one wasting time, not him.

Anonymous asked:
Fave artist?

Kid Cudi(: 

Anonymous asked:
Not only do I love your blog ( heh found it ) but I also am secretly infatuated with you. K. here we go I got this idea from a spam msg I received on Facebook lol.. I know you like me but were always way too shy to say so :3 go hit up crushmasher(dõt)com (uhh it wont let me do a regular link) then make an acct there. Search for the profile 'justmeandu33' ( obv me ) I posted body pix.. if u can figure out who I am msg me and we'll kick it. CC required for age but it is free. (annoying i know)



New CuDi everyone!


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